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This is bsystems.de - this website is used by Florian Boor to provide information about activities in the area of computer science and mobile communications.


This website is divided into four sections:

  • Home: This greeter and some information about me and this website.
  • Documents: Published documents and information sources.
  • Projects: Projects I work on or I was involved in the past.
  • Contact: Contact information and imprint.


2011-03-23: Company Project

If someone wonders what I have been doing lately - yes I have been busy with a larger project at kernel concepts. We packaged ten years of experience building customer specific filesystems into a white little box and called it µCross.

2009-06-16: BeagleBoard and upcoming events...

I have imported the description of my first BeagleBoard project. It can be found in the 'Projects' section. I will have a talk at Shaastra 2009 - this will be my first try of a "remote" video talk since I won't make it there unluckily. The slides can be found here. I will travel to the OpenEmbedded e.V. assembly in Berlin (October 11th) and OEDEM in Cambridge in November as well.

2008-05-25: Blog and new content

A list of blog posts is gets imported to this website now. Just check out the 'Blog' menu item. The 'Documents' section gained some information about the Mainstone evaluation board, but the whole section is still work in progress.

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