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Florian Boor

About me

The Basics

  • Year of birth: 1976
  • City of birth: Stuttgart (Germany)
  • Married, three children


  • 1996-1997 Community service
  • 1997-now University of Siegen

Work Experience

Open Source

  • 1997 First Linux system in daily use
  • 2000 Linux PDA development (hardware, software) at university
  • 2001 Started contributing to Open Source projects
  • 2002 Joined the GPE project
  • 2004-today Maintainer of several GPE components
  • 2004-today working on OpenEmbedded
  • 2006-2008 Software architect GPE Phone Edition
  • 2006-today Organization and maintenance of the LinuxToGo open source development and collaboration platform

Areas of Activity

  • Open Source software consulting
  • Mobile terminal/handset system level and application development
  • Android porting
  • Android board support packages
  • Customized Linux distribution (robotics, embedded and mobile)
  • Linux based industrial systems (image recognition)
  • Embedded Linux distributions and customization
  • Open Source software analysis and quality studies
  • Linux/UNIX Application development (X11/GTK+)
  • Linux porting and driver development
  • Bootloader porting
  • Application development (Windows NT, later Windows 2000)
  • Application development in multiple areas of business (legal, medical, business services and technical)
  • UNIX administration (AIX, Linux on multiple platforms, Solaris, IRIX)

Associations and related

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