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Mainstone Detail

Mainstone II Linux

Some information about Linux running on the Intel Mainstone II PXA27x development board.

Mainstone Cheatcodes

Linux kernels >= 2.6.15 use a different partition layout compared to older ones. Some commands are different than in the original documentation.

Flash a kernel from BLOB fwrite 0xa1000000 0x40000 0x400000

Flash root filesystem to internal flash fwrite 0xa1000000 0x440000 0x2000000
ferase 0x2440000 0x1bc0000

Building a jffs2 filesystem image mkfs.jffs2 --little-endian -e 0x40000 --pad=0x02000000 -r root_directory -o image.jffs2


I build file system images for the Mainstone using OpenEmbedded from time to time. These binary images can be found at this location. Currently I have a GPE file system built from 2008-04-23 development branch and a Linux kernel 2.6.25.

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